L. Patriotic Prints – 47th Election NFT & Print (16”H x 20”W)


A Portion of the proceeds will be donated to President Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign.

Print Type: Giclée Print
Material: Archival Paper
Style: Modern
Theme: Political
Frame Type: Unframed
Sizes Available:
11” x 14”
13” x 19″
16” x 20”

NFT Exchange: OpenSea
Currency: Credit Card, Paypal, Entherum
Theme: Political
Token Colors:



Our NFT collection is a unique digital asset comprised of three-color coded tokens….Gold, Silver and Bronze. The assorted colors represent the sizes of the attached prints: Gold 16”H x 20”W, Silver 13”H x 19”W and Bronze 11”H x 14”W. Our Giclée prints are created from the 45-47 Trump Portrait painted by renowned artist, Michael Israel.

When you purchase one of our Giclee Prints/NFT combination you will receive a digital NFT that certifies your ownership of the physical print.