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Our NFT Collection

Our NFT collection is a unique digital asset comprised of three-color coded tokens….Gold, Silver and Bronze. The assorted colors represent the sizes of the attached prints: Gold 16”H x 20”W, Silver 13”H x 19”W and Bronze 11”H x 14”W. Our Giclée prints are created from the 45-47 Trump Portrait painted by renowned artist, Michael Israel.

When you purchase one of our Giclee Print/NFT combinations, you will receive a digital NFT that certifies your ownership of the physical print. The NFT is stored on the blockchain, ensuring that it is secure and tamper-proof. With the backing of the physical print, our NFTs provide a digital record of authenticity that is unique to each individual print.

This means that you can be sure that your print is original, and that you are the rightful owner of this valuable piece of art. By combining the physical and digital worlds, we are able to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates the American spirit and their confidence in President Trump’s re-election in 2024.

Order your Giclée print today, backed by an NFT, and own a piece of history. Our community is built by art lovers, crypto lovers and conservatives that want to “Make America Great Again.”

How to Purchase:

We’ve made it so you can buy Patriotic Prints – 47th Election NFT’s with your credit card on our SHOP page. The entire purchase process is as easy as making any other purchase online. You can print out a Customer Order Form from our Home page or purchase the NFT on Opensea by using a crypto wallet which will allow you to transfer and store your cryptocurrency and digital collectibles. You will then redeem your Giclee Prints by contacting

The Patriotic Prints – 47th Election NFT’s/Giclee Prints are for initial buyers only, the company will not redeem any secondary/aftermarket buyers of the NFT’s with Giclee Prints.

A crypto wallet is similar to having a safe for your physical collectibles or a filing cabinet for your important papers….it’s a place to store your digital assets. The good news, if you don’t have a digital wallet, is you can create one simply and quickly with your email address. Go to to setup your digital wallet or go to to get you set up in a couple of minutes after you checkout.

It’s so easy and fast. If you already have a wallet, such as a MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, you’re ready to go. Once you complete your purchase of your Patriotic Prints – 47th Election, Patriotic Prints Inc. will send you an email with your Patriotic Prints – 47th Election NFT/s. Please be patient! There is A LOT of interest in Patriotic Prints – 47th Election NFT’s, so it may take up to several hours to deliver the NFTs to your wallet.


NFTs are intended as collectible items for individual enjoyment only, not for investment vehicles. Please be aware that the prices of NFTs are extremely volatile, and price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies could impact the price of your NFTs both positively and negatively. We make absolutely no promise or guarantee that the NFTs will increase in value or maintain the same value as the amount you paid to purchase same. You understand and agree that the NFTs have no inherent monetary value, and they should be treated as collectible. No information on our website is or should be considered advice or an invitation to enter into an agreement for any investment purpose. Further, no element of the website or NFTs qualifies or is intended to be an offering of securities in any jurisdiction, nor does it constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase shares, securities, or other financial products. It remains your sole and exclusive responsibility to assure that the purchase and sale of NFTs, and the use of cryptocurrencies, complies with laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. When you purchase a Patriotic Prints 47th Election NFT, you may obtain certain ownership rights as it resides on the blockchain; provided, however, that certain restrictions shall apply with respect to use of same, and that purchaser shall have only a limited license to the individual layered files, traits, and digital works associated with same (collectively, “Digital Object(s)”). All Material is owned or licensed by or to the seller (Patriotic Prints Inc.) and is protected under applicable copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary (including, but not limited to, intellectual property) rights. Except as expressly provided in the Terms and Conditions, no part of the Giclee Print or NFT may be reproduced, recorded, retransmitted, sold, rented, broadcast, distributed, published, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, altered to make new works, performed, digitized, compiled, translated or transmitted in any way to any other computer, Website or other medium or for any commercial purpose, without prior express written consent. Except as expressly provided herein, you are not granted any rights or license to patents, copyrights, trade secrets, rights of publicity or trademarks with respect to any of the Material. The posting of information or material on the Website does not constitute a waiver of any right in or to such information and/or materials, and we reserve all rights not expressly granted hereunder.