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More Melting Snowflakes – Now Red Hats Must Be Banned

Snowflakes are in ascendance in the political campaign and across America. As with so many things, this started on college campuses, where – because of the fear of “trigger words” – microscopic “free speech zones” are set up for those who dissent from received orthodoxy, which makes most of campus areas “safe speech zones.” Snowflakes around the world were thrilled, and motivated. So now the forced shut-down of Constitutional rights in the name of “not offending anyone” is in high gear. And the Democrat 2020 Presidential candidates are leaping onto the “you better not” bandwagon.

Last week, snowflakes on the Left demanded that America ban Christians who pray for victims of natural disaster, because their prayers might be offensive to atheists and agnostics.

Last month – and repeatedly since then – more than half the Democrat candidates for President in 2020 want to confiscate your guns if they “look” like they’re military in origin – though they aren’t. Most also want to confiscate magazines, and some – like Beto, who’s been leading the charge – want to ban semi-automatic pistols as well. After all, some snowflake might see a semi-auto pistol or rifle and just melt. 
 Those Democrat candidates supporting the Green New Deal (which is most of them) – and, as always, assuming they’ve read the fine print – are now also advocating the complete ban of personal automobiles within a decade, forcing America to fall back on public transit. They call this the elimination of “non-essential individual means of transport,” but in plain language it calls for car confiscation.

As healthcare becomes a campaign issue, leading Democrat candidates want to rob more than 160 million Americans of their private health insurance in favor of a least-common-denominator “Medicare for All” plan – stripping unions of hard-fought “Cadillac plans.” They totally ignore the fact that shutting down private health insurance will force literally millions of gainfully-employed Americans onto the unemployment lines.

We could go on, but you see the point. Anything the far Left doesn’t like must be banned, made illegal, and prohibited to the average American. And you might have thought they’d gone as far as they could go. However, this week, the snowflakes have taken it a giant step further, at least according to Rasmussen Reports, a credible market research firm. They report: “Because pro-Trump Make America Great (MAGA) hats are red,” Rasmussen reported, as many as 14 percent of voters believe that “Americans should stop wearing red hats in general because they cause anxiety among anti-Trump Americans.” This minority – but one with a loud voice and an eager media to lend them a megaphone – wants to ban all red hats, just in case it might evoke anxiety in some insecure Trump-hater.

That’s right. The First Amendment rights of all 329 million people living in American should – according to these far-Left snowflakes – be abrogated by force of law, just to prevent “anxiety” among those who oppose Trump.

What next? Should we forcibly ban red ties? Red hair? People older than 70? Where will it end?

Photo: R. Nial Bradshaw / Flickr

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